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Setting Up Your Items In Allpro Drywaller

Before you can start creating estimates, you have to setup all of your items. All item information is managed on the Item Details form which is displayed below. If you are using Allpro Drywaller QBE (QuickBooks Edition), all of your items will automatically be imported in from QuickBooks. You will not have to re-enter the Item ID or the Description. While QuickBooks provides you with several accounting features, it does not provide you with an easy way to calculate estimate prices and costs. That's where Allpro Drywaller takes over.

Allpro Drywaller Details Image

The primary purpose of the Item Details form is to allow you to set pricing and costing values. The Sales Price column is where you enter the per square foot price you will be charging your customers for the current item. On the Estimate form you will be able to apply a discount percent for customers if needed. The Material Cost column is where you enter your actual raw material cost for the current item. The Labor Cost column is where you enter the estimated per square foot cost you will pay in labor to hang and finish the Drywall. The Other Cost column is where you enter any additional per square foot costs you want to associate with the item.

For example, you could figure a per square foot overhead cost and enter it into the item. The Total Cost column is automatically generated based on the values you enter in the Material Cost, Labor Cost, and Other Cost columns. This value helps you determine your job cost. You can also use this value if you choose to charge your customers based on a markup percent rather than by a sales price.

The Item Details form also provides you with a place to enter the estimated coverage per unit for each item. This value will be used on the job sheets so the crew will know how many units of material they will need for each job.

The Sort Order column is used to determine the order the items will be displayed on the printed estimate. When you take measurements at a job, you will likely be taking wall measurements, then ceiling measurements, and then maybe some more wall measurements. Then all of these measurements will be automatically pulled into the estimate. The Sort Order column allows you to control the appearance of the estimate by sorting items based on how you choose.


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